Jim Collins: "My ideas are beyond business"

Jim Collins is a world known author, but mainly he is a student and a teacher of leadership and what makes great companies tick. Having invested a quarter century of research into the topic,...

Джим Коллинз: "Мои идеи выходят за рамки"

Интервью с гуру лидерства о том, почему дисциплина приносит больше свободы.

Ichac Adizes: "How to erase bureaucracy out of Samruk"

Interview with the strategy guru. How he suggested Nursultan Nazarbayev to debureaucratize national companies without selling them.

Systematization by Plato

In his own example, the founder of Selena Group Krzysztof Domaretski tells how to avoid mistakes in building a global holding. And why Nassim Taleb would never write his books without Plato?