Systematization by Plato

In his own example, the founder of Selena Group Krzysztof Domaretski tells how to avoid mistakes in building a global holding. And why Nassim Taleb would never write his books without Plato?

Jim Collins: "My ideas are beyond business"

Jim Collins is a world known author, but mainly he is a student and a teacher of leadership and what makes great companies tick. Having invested a quarter century of research into the topic,...

Ichac Adizes: "How to erase bureaucracy out of Samruk"

Interview with the strategy guru. How he suggested Nursultan Nazarbayev to debureaucratize national companies without selling them.

Джим Коллинз: "Мои идеи выходят за рамки"

Интервью с гуру лидерства о том, почему дисциплина приносит больше свободы.